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Normally don’t go for massage, but gave it a try. Roberto was very knowledgeable and professional. All covid restricts and precautions were in place. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an awesome massage near Fremont.
Deepankar Singh
Definitely one of the best massages I have had! Roberto made me feel comfortable and at ease before the session began. He focused on my problem areas, and incorporated stretches which helped to alleviate soreness and discomfort from exercise and stress. His website even provides helpful resources for stretching to incorporate at home. Will book again for sure!
Mia Barrios-Malabad
It was a great experience! Roberto's massage was great, relaxing, and professional. I'll be back for more.
Diego Terán
I have gotten massages probably 3 times in my life.......... this is because it never felt worth my time and or money. Then I followed my gut and booked with Alvarado’s in Fremont... one of the best decisions I have made yet!! It was 💯 worth it. I have 0 complaints. This man not only KNOWS a human body....... he LISTENS to the human and body’s response. I am incredibly grateful!!! I have a whole new outlook on massage therapy. Thank you Alvarado. Your professional hands are magical!!! Will be back!!!!
Glory Mkini
Roberto was extremely warm and friendly, he made the process comfortable from beginning to end. It is obvious he is a master in his craft and I will continue to go to him from now on. Without even telling him much, Roberto was able to find my trigger points and was able to completely relieve my body of the tightness and stress. Client for life! 😇
Greatly enjoyed and benefitted from both massages I've received from Roberto. He quickly found my tightest areas and worked them out with just enough pressure. His straightforward, deliberate approach is easy to trust. I left feeling renewed in body, mind and spirit. Roberto is friendly, easy to talk to and extremely professional.
Jean Jung
One of the best massages I have ever had! I have a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck and he did an amazing job at working through all of it. Highly recommend!
Virginia Honig
I had a great experience with Alvarado's Massage! Roberto tailors his massage to each client and has a really unique approach. He is super professional and really attuned to client feedback. I left feeling really relaxed and peaceful. Roberto is also a really kind, easy going, and fun. One of the best massages I've had in Seattle!
Jean Wen
Alvarado is wonderful and very very good at what he does. His space is peaceful and easy to find in Fremont. I cannot recommend his services highly enough
Daniel Maggioncalda
Had a great experience, relief afterwords. Some education which I’m already employing into my daily routine.the location was perfect and the room was perfectly set up to relax and be a therapeutic escape. Thanks so much !
Sela Havekost
Had a great and effective massage. Roberto is professional, listens and is very present during the session. He does not dial it in. It was both relaxing and therapeutic, so I got the best of both goals. Thank you Roberto!
Champion Alpaca
Alvarado is helping me with my frozen shoulder with a mix of Thai and deep tissue techniques; equally therapeutic and relaxing.
Wyatt Sakon Starosta
I got a massage from Alvarado a couple of months ago. He's very easy-going! He gave me a wonderful massage while I was having some back and wrist pain. He was teaching me a little bit about the muscles that he was working on. He's very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him 🙂
Marya Siddiqui
This was my first time visiting Alvarado's Massage and my session was excellent. Roberto was able to work out deep tension I had been holding for a long time. I feel like I am walking in a new body!
Sarah Harris
I had the best prenatal massage from Alvarado! He paid close attention to my comfort, helped relieve many areas with tension, and gave advice on things I could do after the fact to keep my pains under control. He played peaceful music and only talked when necessary. I cannot wait to go back!
Natalie Goldsmith
Not only was he able to get me an appointment the same day I called, but it was the best massage I’ve ever had. He really takes the time to understand what you need. I had the worst knot in my neck, I couldn’t move or sleep and after leaving I felt like I could breathe again. I’m new to Seattle area so when I was looking for a place I had called a few but no one could get me in that day, which was necessary for me. Im so happy Alvarado was who I ended up with, I will continue to go to him for all massages in the future!
Sydney Silver
Roberto was amazing! I left feeling so much better than when i came in. He really listened to what my needs where and did great work! I will be back.
Debbie Farris
Great massage! I will be back. He focused on the areas that I described the most discomfort and he went above and beyond to ensure that I would have relief. Unlike other massages, he focused on stretches and mobility, which end up providing longer term relief than a typical "relaxation" massage.
David Sokol
This was one hell of a massage. Not what I was expecting — in a good way! I feel relaxed and maybe more flexible. He really found all the problem areas and worked them out. Highly recommended, I will go back again.
e mabry
I’ve had experiences with professional masseuse multiple times and he was definitely one of the best. I could tell that he studied and knew a lot about muscle and joints anatomy that when I was expecting a regular relaxing massage, he provided so much help with my problem areas on top of that. I will 100% go back.
Vian Yang
Roberto is wonderful! It's clear that his approach isn't going through the motions -- he really listens and looks for places that are hurting or tense and manages them in a thoughtful way. This was one of the best massages I've gotten.
Emma Baker
I have been looking all over the place for someone who can find the perfect balance of treatment and relaxation. Found him!! Roberto is now my go-to. I carry stress in my neck and shoulders, but I left feeling totally refreshed after seeing him for an hour. I will be recommending Roberto to all of my friends!
Taylen Whitehead
Great communication to understand what I wanted to focus on (neck, shoulders). Perfect pressure. I’ll be back again.
Garrett Kocher
Awesome massage! It was so relaxing, will definitely come here again. Would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much!!
Rashmi GE
Great service. Very nice massage. Down to earth and enjoyed communication as well. Got into conversation about life and wellness and beliefs and plenty of other goodness.
Michael Quinn
I booked an appointment with Roberto after seeing an add on YouTube and I am glad I did! I recently injured my back and needed some relief. After a 60 minute session I was feeling much better and will definitely rebook!
Brent Lank
I went to Alvarados to help reset my body before starting a big cycling training regiment this spring. He listened to what I was after and spent very intentional time working the areas that would address my needs. It was the first massage I’ve had that felt like a blend of massage and physical therapy. Very easy to talk to as well. Highly recommended.
Sean Thomas
I loved everything! Such a wonderful experience! I highly recommend.
Ashleigh C
By far the best massage I've ever had. I'll definitely be back.
Alex Whipple
Roberto is a gifted massage therapist and the only therapist I currently trust with supporting my body. My body is in recovery from a car accident (over 10-years ago) and I’m just not as flexible as I used to be on my right side. Working with Roberto over the past three to four months has restored some of the lost flexibility in my shoulder (this is something I didn’t believe would ever be possible). In fact, I was nervous when he began to work on tightness. The techniques Roberto uses are gentle and effective when maneuvering joints - I feels like space is created with gentle shaking, manual massage and movement (in my case my shoulders and hips)I And of course, I enjoy the deep tissue which is always up for discussion (and I’m always encouraged to breath deep when needed). I usually schedule 90-minute or 60 minute sessions and I highly suggest taking advantage of the packages he offers). If you are looking for a massage to get the kinks and cracks out, looking for a LMT experienced with working on injuiries or just need a good fxcking massage - I highly recommend Roberto. The Fremont location is a cozy massage office decorated with plants and has gentle lighting. There’s street parking and a parking lot next door.
Bettina Jones
Very friendly and welcoming! First time I ever had a massage and really made me feel comfortable.
Connor Hernandez
I went to Alvarado’s solely based off of these google reviews, and I was not disappointed! Roberto mixed in some stretching techniques during my massage that left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated altogether. I’m a huge fan and will definitely be going back! 🙂
Kate Hammonds
Alvarado was quick to respond to my questions, and worked with me through a cancelation and rebooking all super patiently. I went to his Fremont location, and had a great massage. He’s super friendly and attentive, and does great work. I woke up this morning feeling great! His music selection is also a 10/10! (; I’ll be back for sure. Thank you!!!
Hannah Roberts
Found this place/ Alvarado, based on Google reviews and was so pleased that I did. Covid protocols in place and practiced, professional, and knowledgable. I felt like a million bucks walking out, and when I arrived I was all kinds of bent, twisted and tight. Now, I am feeling relaxed, light, and limber once again. Many thanks Alvarado. This is so worth it! Book yourself a session. I will definitely be returning.
Liana Jamison
The massages have always been amazing! He knows exactly how to release the tension while still making it an enjoyable massage. His knowledge, skill and friendly personality make it a great experience! Highly recommended!
I found Alvarado’s on Google and booked an appointment based on the numerous positive reviews. I’m so glad I did! Covid protocols are in place and I felt very safe the entire time, not to mention the wonderful massage. Roberto was very kind and professional and I will be recommending him to my friends!
Jordan Kercheval
Alvarado is wonderful! I was nervous about getting a massage during COVID, but due to the inherent stress and poor posture of working at home in a pandemic, I decided to take a chance. Before entering the space, my temperature was checked and I was asked to wash my hands. The massage itself was wonderful, he definitely listens and has plenty of experience.
Taylor Mitsuuchi
Just amazing - I simply felt like a new human afterwards! I didn’t realize how much tension my body had been holding until Roberto got rid of it all! I will definitely be booking in again soon!
Ashley Vajda
Great massage! Very professional and really helped me heal from a shoulder injury
Sam Geschickter
Amazing! Great therapist, great space, Roberto is very intuitive. Every part of the session was relaxing and healing.
Sergio Juárez
Great first time experience. Very relaxing. I feel great with tension at all. Definitely will go and will recommend to anyone.
Enrique Bried-Fuentes
Received a Groupon for Alvarados practice for my bday... such a great gift! Alvarado was very professional and informed me of the whole process before beginning. The massage was amazing and I felt like I woke up from a nap afterwards, that’s how relaxed I felt. The tension in my neck and shoulders is gone now! Thank you Alvarado, I cannot recommend his practice enough.
Marshall Bender
I went to Alavarado's massage based only on Google reviews. Roberto listened to all my problems and was completely professional and courteous throughout. They also followed all the covid guidelines clearly. Highly recommend his place!
Akila M
I had ClassPass points I needed to use up, so decided to booked a last minute massage with Roberto. As a female, I was a little nervous about getting a massage from a man that wasn't referred to me, but after reading reviews decided to take a chance. I'm so happy I did! Roberto was so professional, walked me through his process and style before the session and checked in with me during to make sure I was comfortable. The massage itself was one of the best I've ever had. Perfect balance of relaxation and therapeutic. He incorporated some Soma techniques during my session and I walked away feeling better aligned and rejuvenated. I will definitely be scheduling future sessions and have already recommended his services friends in the area.h !
Rachel Fleming
Professional, empathetic, great communicator and listener. A magical mechanic!
Jesse Lee Honor
Roberto saw me short notice. After traveling extensively, my neck and shoulders were stiff and immobile. In 90 minutes Roberto remobilized the arms, neck and shouldrer. Thanks Roberto!!
eric brown
ALVARADOS has to be tbe very best massage therapist in the seattle. I had surgery on my knee almost a year ago and now im much better and feeling results of his working with my knee. His direction and communication skills are 2nd to none. Thx for all your help!!
B Ason
Roberto is very knowledgeable, skillful, and attentive in his practice! Would highly recommend!
Julie Greenwald
Such a fantastic value and he really has a gift. I couldn't believe how quickly he found all of my problem spots. I can't wait to go back!
Bailie Borchers
Alvarados provides professional, high quality, well priced massages. Easily one of the best massages I’ve ever gotten in Seattle. I highly recommend checking it out!
Taylor Bryant
Blown away each time by Roberto's services. He is very intuitive with bodywork, tends to troubled areas, and also eases you into deep relaxation. I experienced much more flexibility and lightness after his massage. I highly recommend - he's wonderful!
Taylor Hadden
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Roberto's massage services! He is very considerate, thorough, highly skilled, responsive and intuitive. If you ask him to focus on certain areas of your body that need extra attention or healing (neck, lower back, shoulders etc.) he responds to your needs and prioritizes your wellness in a very excellent way. I feel so NOURISHED AND REVITALIZED after his wonderful massages! He gives me 5-star customer service every time!!
IVAN Espinosa
I feel so grateful for Roberto’s care and knowledge of the body. Receiving bodywork from him informs the way I move and my awareness in my body. I always have more access and a deepened capacity for movement. As a mover and body worker myself I highly recommend him and know that if I were to work with him consistently my body as a container would fortify greatly and continue to offer me more. Thank you
Misha Lilac
I have had several massages from Roberto Alvarado and cannot speak highly enough of his work. I’m a physically active person and come in with varying physical issues and soreness, and he is wonderful about tailoring each session to what my body needs. He listens and responds both to what I verbally communicate as well as to what he picks up from my body, and I have always felt that he stays tuned into me throughout the massage. Roberto has the strength and competence to work deep, but is also very conscientious about not pushing the pressure too hard, and has the sensitivity to work gently. After his massages I feel open and released, tall, light, buoyant, wonderful. My most recent session was five days ago, and I still feel what a difference it made. Highly, highly recommend.
Alicia Crowley
I've had lots of good massages from very skilled therapists over the years so I can say that I'm a bit picky and generally not always thrilled with every massage I receive. I have had a few massages from Roberto of Alvarado's Massage and they were great! I felt relaxed and comfortable, Roberto was communicative, responsive and supportive of me and my body's needs/wants, and I left feeling great! I would definitely recommend him!
Erika Merz
Roberto is an excellent massage therapist. After skateboarding for 21 years I've asked for a lot of compression from my legs and lower back. The work that Roberto has done is healing my old injuries, improving my strength, and allowing me to keep skateboarding for another two decades. Roberto is an excellent healer, I strongly recommend anyone to work with him.
Nate Janega
Roberto runs a predictable practice and his quality does not run down as I continue to see him regularly. In the past, I've had therapists give their all with the first couple massages and then get in a pattern as if my body stays the same. Roberto is willing to be challenged as a massage therapist and I get a lot out of working with him. I get more of a "sports massage" and I expect that Roberto can work with me and my body to really work out the kinks of what I have going on when I come in to see him.
Jolie Siegel
really great energy and kind man, he focused on myofacial release which was unique!
Kathleen Warren
Roberto is a great massage therapist and professional. He is very detail-oriented and knowledgeable about healing body tensions. I highly recommend his services! !
Bertrand Prenat
A great and unique massage experience!
Taylor Welch
Roberto is a magnificent massage therapist with skilled technique, healing touch, intuitive presence, and positive energy. He understands my aches, pains and tender areas from dancing and responds well when I request lighter or deeper pressure. I feel safe and comfortable under his care.
Fawnia Chauvaux
Roberto is one of the most lovely persons in the world. He has such a big heart, beautiful mind, and is so intentional with everything he does. You will feel incredibly safe!!
Maddie Rivera
Respectful, well attuned to the whole body, and coming from a place of groundedness- these were some of the qualities that I appreciated from a session with Roberto. Days later, I am still feeling the healing impact from this bodywork. I highly recommend and I would feel blessed to work with him again.
Lindsay Filipe
Great Hands, literally! I was visiting Seattle and needed a massage and I scored. Therapeutic, professional and a great conversation.
Shah Smaok
Roberto's massages feel amazing. I have chronic pain and inflammation and Roberto listens well to my needs and gives excellent massages. I have pain free days after he massages me which is RARE. I also feel very relaxed afterwards. Roberto is kind and skilled.
Dylan Quinn
Alvarado brings unique technique that I felt was really relaxing and beneficial for my body. He is also incredibly intuitive at finding points of tension and gently rocking them out. Highly recommended!
Arielle Threlkeld
Wonderful listener. He was great at communicating before during and after the treatment. I had a traumatic experience that morning before arriving and he helped me feel safe. I highly recommend seeing Roberto for a massage. There has been adhesions and scar tissue in my back, arms, and neck for 2+ years from a brain injury and he has helped return some of that to it's natural state. Thanks to his consciousness touch I have hope for more healing. I hope to book again soon!
Janise Morrison
As a massage therapist myself, I was looking for someone I could go to for my own self-care. I made an appointment with Roberto and am glad I did. He was very professional and thoughtful in his work. He took the time to do a full intake with be and ask me what goals were before I got on the table. I had arrived with a sore ankle and tired lower legs but felt much better after. I highly recommend scheduling with Roberto.
Marilene Richardson
I have always found Roberto's work to be given with care and consideration with measurable results. Much love.
Brian Firfer
Excellent massage! Scheduling was easy and I was able to get in with short notice. Highly recommended.
Brenna Boyd
My body experienced healing and transformation from a place of an acute injury into a fully operational dancing vessel. So grateful for the care and intuitive body work from Roberto. I highly recommend his work.
julia carr
Roberto Alvarado is a highly accomplished, sensitive and communicative massage therapist. I'm over 50, have some injuries and sensitivities, and am therefore really picky about who I get massages from. I recommend Roberto wholeheartedly, whether you get massages regularly or you are a first-time client.
V Carhart
Didn't realize how tensed up I was until I had my massaged! I will definitely be going back!
Ashley Allen
Roberto does a fantastic job at locating the parts of my body that really need that extra care! Walked away feeling amazing and loose! Highly recommend!!!!!
Samuel Doud
Excellent vibe, he really listened to what I wanted!
Kelsey Severson
The 20min massage Roberto was able to expertly pinpoint my sore muscles and relieve my tension, and restore my flexibility. I am looking forward to more work when He is in Tacoma!
Jennifer Richardson
Roberto is a gifted and dedicated therapist! His work is thorough, relaxing, and therapeutic.
September K
Roberto is a very gifted massage therapist <3 <3 <3 would highly recommend.
Vera Doud
Roberto definitely knows how to find all of the trouble spots, weather I need targeted sports massage or a general relaxation.
Kb Hollingsworth
Wonderful, intelligent hands.
michal lahav
Great massage!
Scot Robinson
Dear April Vian, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this excellent review. We really appreciate your business. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you in the future. -Alvarado's Massage Fremont Seattle
April Vian
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