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Here at Alvarado’s Massage, we don’t just treat surface issues – we look for the root causes of discomfort. Together we can figure out how best to help your body heal naturally. Our goal is to help you become less dependent on external support (including bodywork!) and more able to engage your body’s innate healing capacity.   


With a focus on Myofascial Release, we also bring to the table time-honored techniques like Swedish, Deep Tissue, Joint Mobilization, and Prenatal & Post-Natal Maternity massage. Not only will you receive a session tailored to your needs, but you’ll also leave your session with educational tools that expand your awareness of how your body functions best.   

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Meet Your Massage Therapist: Robert Alvarado

My name is Roberto Alvarado, LMT. I graduated from Cortiva Massage Institute in Seattle, WA.  


I was born in Acapulco, Mexico, but for the last seven years, I have called Seattle home. Over that time, I have been raising my three kids full-time, as well as our cat, Costmos. I originally fell in love with the mountains and recognized Seattle as a place I could put down roots.  


My passion for massage stems from my own relationship with degenerative scoliosis, developed from childhood injuries. My recovery led me to realize that in order to improve my bodily mobility and reduce pain, I’d have to gradually develop sustainable self-care and habits.  


My practice is very intentional. No two patients will receive the same massage simply because “it’s my routine.” I take the time to learn about your medical conditions, body posture, areas of tension, breath flow, and somatic response. I will often make recommendations, within the scope of my practice, of actions you can take outside of our sessions to complement my work.  


I’m a firm believer that taking care of our bodies is a matter of everyday,  moment-to-moment decisions. Our bodies carry us through this beautiful, unpredictable, exciting, and often painful experience of life. To get the most out of our bodies and our life, understanding how our bodies best function is a must.  


Breathe In… Breathe Out… 

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